Serving Humanity on the Streets

Help us provide hot meals, water, and basic human needs to our neighbors experiencing homelessness throughout Chicagoland

What we serve up

Chi-Care was started to get warm meals and resources to where they’re needed most. We make sure that Chicago’s unhoused have opportunities to get their basic needs met without having to travel to get help.

full hearts, full bellies

Building a fleet to feed the hungry.

Chi-Care meets individuals where they are at. This is an important distinction in our approach to serving individuals experiencing homelessness. We utilize trucks equipped with shelves and space for volunteers to distribute over 1000 meals each week to various tent encampments where food scarcity is a major concern.

a mission beyond hunger

Everyone deserves to have their basic needs met.

Working with partners like ShowerUp, Islamic Relief USA, and Zakat Chicago, we’re able to bring even more basic necessities to our unhoused populations. By providing hot meals, survival items, access to mobile showers and other personal care services, we aim to bring relief to the most vulnerable amongst us.

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How you can help us do the most.

Donate and support our cause

Making an impact with as low as $10 a month.

Chi-Care relies on the generosity of neighbors like you to run our operations and feed as many individuals as possible.

+ $10 covers the cost of a meal, water, and basic survival needs for one person
+ $100 covers the cost for 10 people

Your support makes our mission possible and every cent we receive goes towards serving the unhoused and getting them the nourishment and dignity they deserve.

Service with a smile

Find an opportunity that works for you.


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come join us!

Our mission needs YOU to Chi-Care too.

Whether it’s through a recurring donation; your time; or your continued support, Chi-Care relies on neighbors and volunteers who are just as dedicated as we are to feeding Chicagoland’s unhoused population. Your acts of kindness have a greater impact than you can imagine.

Chi-Care is on a mission to end hunger amongst the unhoused population throughout the Chicagoland area.

Chi-Care is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Copyright 2024.